Fly Tying Materials
This is not a "full service" fly shop, and was never intended to be.  All we
want to do is make commonly used materials available at a reasonable
price.  I will also be on the lookout for "specials" which I can offer to fellow
tyers.  Check back often to see what's available in the
catalog. In addition,
there are some materials that I use a lot, and have been told at shows that
tyers have trouble finding them in their local shop.  I will try to make these
available on this site.  Two manufacturers  whose products are often seem
hard to find are:

Larva Lace Materials - I use Larva Lace Body Material for my Woven
Body Stonefly, and for several other very effective patterns.  At almost
every fly fishing show I've ever done as a demo tyer,  numerous people
have told me they have trouble getting Larva Lace, that their local shop
doesn't carry it.  We offer the complete line of Larva Lace Body Material,
and other Larva Lace products, in the catalog.  Please have a look.

Enrico Puglisi Products - Enrico's bread and butter has been the
saltwater world, but I really like EP Fibers and the patterns they create for
bass, pike, pickerel, big trout, anything that eats fish!  But many shops
don't carry his materials because they don't have a lot of saltwater trade.  
Therefore, we will try to carry all the colors of EP Fibers needed to tie
freshwater patterns, and some saltwater, too! So whether you're strictly a
freshwater fly fisher, or you get into the salt,  I'll try to have all of Enrico's
products available for your tying.