Custom Tied Flies

This page offers some of my favorite flies for sale.  You'll find several
of my own patterns that you won't find in any other catalog.  There are
also a few that I did not originate, but which I tie and fish a lot.  I offer
them at what I hope you'll agree is a reasonable price.
           Commercial Flies

We make these flies available for anyone who needs some quality
fishing flies at a very reasonable price.  We try to keep the patterns
and sizes needed to fish the major hatches on area streams,
especially the Conhocton.
             Collector Flies

Over the years I have enjoyed collecting flies, and I know other fly
tyers do too.  I have been making up flies in labeled plastic boxes,
with a signed card, for those who would like to add my flies to their
                 Classic Salmon Flies

If you admire these beautiful creatures the way I do,  please visit this
                 Fly Art

This is the page where I offer various items involving flies, fly fishing
art work,  and related items.  Check them out if your looking for
something special for the den or office wall, or a gift for the fly
fishing friend, spouse, or relative.