Fishing the Conhocton River
The maps shown are available from the NYS Dept. of Environmental
Conservation.  Click on the following to see the maps of the rivers

Upper Section 1
Upper Section 2
Middle Section
Lower Section 1
Lower Section 2


There are two areas of Special Regulations.  The first is on the
Lower Section 1 Map, and begins at the mouth of Neil Creek and
runs to the northern boundary of the Village of Avoca.  The second
is on the Lower Section 2 map, and begins at the Route 415 bridge
in Kanona and runs to the northern boundary of the Bath Veterans'
Administration facility.  The regulations in both areas are the same:  
Open all year - 12" minimum length - daily limit 2 trout per person -
artificial lures only.


The Conhocton River fly fisher is very fortunate to have extensive
areas of public fishing access.  When you see this sign, it means
that the landowner has consented to sell a permanent easement to
DEC to provide public fishing access to the river.  This access is for
fishing only, and generally allows walking along the bank, usually in
a 33 ft. strip on one or both sides of the river.  Please honor this
privilege by treading lightly.  Stay out of planted fields; be careful
with fences. Please don't leave any litter.

Clicking on this link will take you to the USGS Avoca river gauge:

                  Flow Conditions