Enrico Puglisi Materials
EP Fibers           $ 7.00

This is the basic material for tying
Enrico's baitfish patterns.
EP Fibers 3-D          $ 7.00

These fibers are blended colors to match
the varigated pattern found in many
EP Silky Fibers           $ 6.50

These fibers are fine, soft and supple.  
They are especially useful in tying smaller
baitfish imitations.
EP Silky Fibers 3-D           $ 6.50

Same blended color effects as the EP
Fibers 3-D.
EP Sparkle               $ $ 5.90

A fine hair used to add sparkle to the
EP Baitfish and other patterns.
EP Shrimp Dub          $ 3.70

A very spikey, transluscent dubbing for
shrimp and other patterns.
Plastic Eyes            $ 2.25

These eyes have a black pupil and a
small stem.  The stem is usually
removed, except for a small piece to
give the glue more to grab hold of.  Use
Zap-A-Dap-A Goo II to attach.
Crab and Shrimp Eyes        $ 5.50

Very realistic eyes for shrimp and
crayfish patterns.
More Colors
4.5 mm
6 mm
7.5 mm
1 Minute Epoxy               $ 6.25

Use this to get the shape you want for the fly - let it dry - then
coat with 30 minute epoxy and dry on a wheel for a
waterproof fly that will not crack or yellow.
ZAP-A-DAP-A-GOO II             $ 5.00

This is the glue to use for attaching eyes to the EP Baitfish
EP Fly Box          $ 17.50

Nubby style fly box. This is a very
sturdy fly box which will hold any
size hooks.
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