Commercial Flies
As a fly tyer, I'm obviously very conscious of the quality of a fly.   I offer these flies  
for sale because I think they represent a quality fly at a very reasonable price.I try
to have the patterns and sizes available to effectively fish the hatches on the
Conhocton River, as well as other New York and Pennsylvania streams.  We will
try to expand this list as necessary. If you want a pattern which isn't listed, please
contact me.
 Also, be sure to check my "Custom Tied Flies for some very
effective patterns.
Standard Dry Flies         $1.25  

Adams                              12,14,16,18,20
Light Hendrickson                  14.16
Red Quill                                14,16
Blue Wing Olive                           16,18,20
Grey Fox                           12
Light Cahill                   10,12
Pale Evening Dun                        16,18
Light Sulphur                               16,18
Dark Sulphur                               16,18
Blue Quill                                     16,18
Quill Gordon                 10,12
Griffith's Gnat                                   18,20

Parachute Dry Flies        $1.25

Adams Parachute                   14,16,18
Light Sulphur Parachute              16,18
Dark Sulphur Parachute              16,18
Blue Wing Olive Parachute          16,18,20

Spinners        $1.25

Poly Wing Brown Spinner   12,14,16,18
Poly Wing Rusty Spinner         14,16,18
Female Trico Spinner                               22,24
Male Trico Spinner                                   22,24

Caddis Dry Flies        $1.25

CDC Elk Hair - Dun              12,14,16
CDC Elk Hair - Olive                  14,16

Nymphs         $1.25

G.R. Hares Ear                    12,14,16
Pheasant Tail                                16,18
Zug Bug                               12,14
Prince Nymph                      12,14
Beadhead Hares Ear           12,14,16
Beadhead Pheasant Tail               16,18

Wooly Buggers      $1.40

Black / Black                         8,10,12
Olive / Olive                          8,10,12
BeadHead Olive / Yellow       8,10
Olive / Olive Krystal Bugger  8
Black/Olive Krystal Bugger    8
Lt. Hendrickson
Red Quill
BW Olive
Grey Fox
Lt. Cahill
Pale Ev. Dun
Lt. Sulphur
Dk. Sulphur
Blue Quill
Standard Dry Flies
Quill Gordon
Parachute Dry Flies
Lt. Sulphur
Dk. Sulphur
BW Olive
Female Trico
Male Trico
Caddis Dry Flies
Griffith's Gnat
CDC Elk Hair - Dun
CDC Elk Hair - Olive
G.R. Hares Ear
Pheasant Tail
Zug Bug
BH Hares Ear
BH Pheasant Tail
Wooly Buggers
BH Olive/Yellow
Olive/Olive Krystal
Black/Olive Krystal