Classic Salmon Flies
In my opinion, the pinnacle of the fly tying art is the classic Atlantic Salmon
Fly.  Tying these beauties is a challenge which grabs some fly tyers and
becomes an obsession.  Unfortunately, I think I am one of them.  I'm not
really sure why I was so drawn to these flies.  My wife, a retired mental
health counselor, has always labeled me a classic OC
(obsessive-compulsive) personality.  I like things to be "just right."  I guess
that's part of the salmon fly obsession.  It is the never-ending struggle to
tie the "perfect fly," and although this obsession could be applied to tying
any type of fly, the intricate patterns, exotic materials, and somewhat
complex tying techniques which are part of salmon fly tying seem to attract
the acutely "OC" among us.

Some tyers specialize in salmon flies, some to the point of tying very little
else.  This is probably the way to get really good at it, but I've never been
able to bring myself to so this.  Nevertheless, I have tried to spend as
much time as I can tying the "classics."  Although I have learned salmon
fly tying techniques from numerous tyers, I feel that my mentor and
biggest influence has been Charlie Chute.  Charlie is a well known salmon
fly tyer from Cambridge, Massachusetts, originally coming to this country
from Ireland in 1977.  I have spent many hours watching Charlie tie, and
discussing techniques and materials with him.  Charlie has always
emphasized using the traditional techniques for tying these flies, generally
shunning the use of adhesives and other "tricks" which can often make
the arduous tying procedures easier.  If you ever want to watch a master,
go to a show where Charlie is tying and watch him tie a classic salmon fly
from start to finish.

The classic salmon fly has a long and distinctive history.  If you enjoy the
history of fly fishing, you might enjoy an article I authored to introduce the
uninitiated to the history and development of these captivating fishing
lures.  Click on:

A Brief Introduction to Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies

I offer custom tied classic salmon flies in several presentations.   Prices
vary depending on hook size, frame/no frame, pattern, etc.  Some
examples are shown below.  Contact me to discuss what you would like.
Full dress Gordon, matted
and                 framed with
    8X10  -  5/0 Hook

           $ 125.00
Full dress Green Highlander,
matted and framed with nameplate
         8X10  -  5/0 Hook
$ 125.00
         Jock Scott (Kelson)
         Framed and Matted
             5X7    4/0 Hook

                 $ 60.00
              Dusty Miller
        Framed and Matted
            5X7  4/0 Hook

                 $ 60.00
     Framed and Matted
          5X7   4/0 Hook

$ 60.00
   4 1/2"  X 5 1/2" Riker Box
               6/0 Hook
              $ 50.00